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Milling and equipment manufacturers

Quadro has earned the respect of customers with a wide variety of applications in more than 80 countries. Our recognized leadership in specialized process equipment was launched by a single idea in 1976 that has stood the test of time - the original Quadro® Comil®.

A revolutionary idea at the time, the cone mill has proven to be one of industry’s most durable and most imitated advances in size reduction technology.

You can rely on our superior engineering and manufacturing quality to give you maximum up-time and yield. What’s more, our products are backed by the highest level of application and technical support, based on more than four decades of experience.

Pledge of Quality

Quadro accepts and follows the principle of ethical business practices and strives to supply goods of wholly acceptable quality and value. Each product is designed and manufactured to the highest standards of materials, finish and performance in sanitary equipment design.


Global yet Local

With customers in more than 80 countries, we have a global network of offices and Channel Partners to support you wherever you are.

Quadro's Head Office and Test facility are located in Waterloo, Canada.

Around the world, we are supported by a network of Agents and Distributors and our
own IDEX Corporation regional offices, which enables us to give quality customer service anywhere.

Supported by testing facilities in Canada, India and China and a fleet of rental units, we can test your powders before you buy to ensure the suitability of our equipment to your needs.

Our History

The original inventor of the Comil cone mill and home of milling.

In 2007 Quadro was acquired by IDEX and became part of the IDEX Material Processing Technologies
(IDEX MPT) division, which comprises:

As we are part of the IDEX Corporation, we have secure financial stability which gives us the ability to focus on our customers.

Employee Resource Groups

IDEX is an acronym for our founding mission of Innovation, Diversity and Excellence. At IDEX MPT, we value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all.

We want to grow with those who embrace the importance of teamwork and continue to cultivate our culture of inclusion and diversity. Encouraging our employees to learn and develop new skills, to support career growth is essential to the success of all IDEX businesses. IDEX strives to establish an environment where each employee is enabled to do and be their best every day.