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As the industry leader in process and size reduction equipment, Quadro is proud to provide the highest level of customer service and technical support. 

Quadro screens and spare parts are made to the highest standard and readily available with the necessary pharmaceutical certifications.

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Explore the range of services that we offer.

Aftermarket Services

Quadro’s full line of Aftermarket services is designed to keep your equipment in optimal condition. Whether you need expert maintenance advice or OEM part replacements, our experienced and highly trained team members are on hand with everything you need.

An investment in Quadro equipment is an investment in unparalleled Aftermarket support. Our global support is readily available to help you maintain your processing application.

With over four decades of experience, our superior Aftermarket Customer Service team is centered on efficiently solving all problems and minimizing disruptions. Our trusted, in-house specialists are specially trained to discuss all parts and service needs to keep your equipment running smoothly and steadily.

Quadro equipment provides world-class installation and exemplary customer support. Each piece of equipment is supported by a comprehensive user manual and thorough documentation.

Genuine Parts and Spares

Find out how to order your replacement parts to keep your processor functioning properly.


Gearbox Refurbishment

Learn more about how to keep your gearbox functioning properly.


Replacement Mill Screens

Discover how to order your replacement screen so your processor functions properly.


Customer Support & Service

Have a question, our superior Aftermarket customer team is here to help.


Parts and Spares, Manual Orders

At Quadro, our machines and components meet the highest specifications for quality and reliability. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we guarantee the highest standard of quality and performance during the lifetime of your Quadro product.

Our customers should only use and expect this high quality of material. Regardless of how long you own your equipment, Quadro is available to make sure you have the parts and spares to keep your machine running optimally.

It is always recommended that our customers keep a stock of spares on their premises to maximize uptime. Our customer service representatives are on hand to recommend the specific critical spares which you should stock to ensure your machine has the necessary parts it needs, when it needs them. This proactive approach will avoid any disruption in production.

Using genuine OEM parts ensures the highest machine performance, and repeatability for your processes and ensures the maximum level of safety when working with your systems.

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Gearbox Refurbishment

Patented in the early 1990s, Quadro Engineering’s gearbox revolutionized the milling industry by offering a compact design solution for upstream and downstream equipment integration.

Housing the driving mechanism of your product, the gearbox is a vital tool for powder processing efficiencies.

Our Quadro Aftermarket team offers gearbox refurbishment. As an integral tool, our experts realize the importance of sustaining your gearbox in optimal condition. As a fundamental investment to your product, our team of specialized experts will evaluate, clean, adjust and repair your gearbox to continue its performance. By properly maintaining your gearbox, stoppages and/or disruptions to your processing operation are avoided.

In addition to gearbox refurbishment, we offer the purchase of complete, stand-alone gearboxes. Our Quadro team recommends that our customers maintain a spare gearbox so equipment avoids disruption and downtime during refurbishment.

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Replacement Mill Screens

Every Quadro screen is designed, with the highest quality, to create the ideal shape while maintaining a precise, tight fit with our impeller. Through this unique partnership, our Quadro technology is able to achieve a small, consistent, repeatable particle size. Our ability to achieve this exact, consistent result, batch-to-batch, has established Quadro as an industry milling leader for over 40 years.

Our screens are designed for optimal performance. With tabbed and strengthened flared tops, our screens steadily sit in place and are ensured to not shift during the milling process.

Our unique manufacturing process produces the highest quality results so your operation will run longer with unmatched batch-to-batch consistency.

Our competitors’ parts often hold lower tolerances causing uncontrolled size reduction variables which reduce particle size control. Through these impeller-screen gaps, not only do our competitors create inconsistent tolerances which increase the degree of attrition between the screen and impeller and the number of interparticle interactions, but they also impact the average particle residence time within the screen. These critical variances contribute to unpredictable size reduction, larger particle size ranges and more fines.

With Quadro’s superior processing technology, particles are processed quickly and efficiently with a single shearing step as they exit the screen, forming a consistent distribution within a tight target size range. For trusted consistent, repeatable particle size results – only genuine Quadro screens will do.

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General Customer Service Enquires

Have a question or problem? We are here to assist you.

With decades of experience, our expert customer service representatives are here to  solve any problems you may encounter. With a global network of representatives, we are here to help on your time and in your local language.

Our customer service representatives realize the importance our customers have in us and are dedicated to ensuring stoppages are minimalized.

Our Quadro Aftermarket team prides itself in servicing its customers with the highest standard of customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The common questions our Aftermarket Team is asked regarding equipment maintenance to ensure that your machine achieves optimal results.
How do I know what critical spares I should have on my premises?

Our customer service representatives are available and able to assist you with providing a list of critical spares for your particular operational requirements. Every customer is different, depending on your particular industry, volume, and application. Our staff can provide a list of essential parts and spares customized to your specific goals and budget so stoppages are avoided and/or minimized for the best value to your company.

Can I use an alternative screen on my Quadro product?

Quadro’s technology is focused on achieving a small, consistent particle size, batch-to-batch. The foundation of this trusted technology lies in the screen-impeller fit. By only purchasing genuine Quadro screens and impellers, this precise fit is created to achieve your exact results. Using an alternative product will create screen-impeller gaps which may result in inconsistent particle size, damage to your equipment and/or contamination to the customer end product.

Where can I get my parts?

Quadro is a global company and, as such, has customers throughout the world. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you with your inquiry and will ship to wherever you are located. By only using our OEM parts, your equipment maintains both superior quality and performance with repeatable results.

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Aftermarket Support

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