Scalable Lab System

5 processing solutions in one

Results from R&D testing are fully scalable to production size.


Benefits of the Scalable Lab System™ (SLS)

One machine offering five milling and processing solutions.  Using Smart-Detect technology, the heads can be swapped within seconds with no set up required.

Scalable Lab Milling System by Quadro

The SLS gives the reassurance that particle sizes and distributions achieved in the lab can be directly transferred to the production-scale equipment.  The operating parameters are simply transposed from small-scale to full-scale production.

Key size reduction and material processing technologies are possible from one single platform.  Using the interchangeable heads you can achieve labscale conical milling, hammer milling and screening.  Its bench-top size is space-saving as well as cost-effective.



Conical Milling

Wide range of screens and impellers offering tight granulometry.


High Energy Milling

Predictable narrow PSDs ideal for API and fine chemical applications.


Security Screening

Test in-line security screening and deagglomeration.


Hammer Milling

High impact milling capabilities for finer particle size ranges.


Supported Industries

These products are extensively used in the following applications:

OSD Pharma

Effectively conditioning powders for the pre-compression processing stage.


API Pharma

Achieve optimal PSD and desired production volumes along with Operator safety.



High product quality relies on creating the ideal powder with on-target PSDs.



High capacity milling under low heat and low energy conditions, with reduced dust and fines.



We have proven success in even the most abrasive and corrosive environments.


SLS Comil®
Conical Milling


Consistent repeatable results with tight granulometry.

Improve product quality with low levels of heat, dust and fines.

Fully scalable to the Quadro® Comil® production-scale mills.

SLS Bulletin SLS Brochure
Features at a glance
CAPACITIES 50 g to 150+ kg/hr
PSD d50 150-300  µm
PSD d90 300-2000  µm
In-line spacerless design.
Wide range of screens & impeller choices.

SLS High Energy
Conical Milling


Narrow PSDs with 30-70% more on-target.

Predictable, repeatable particle sizes.

Results fully scalable to the production-scale equipment.

SLS Bulletin SLS Brochure
Features at a glance
CAPACITIES <1 kg to 100 kg/hr
PSD d50 20-150  µm
PSD d90 60-300  µm


Integrated feed system for increased containment.

SLS FlexSift
Security Screening


In-line security screening.

High capacity for efficient testing protocols.

Utilises standard equipment for fast clean down.

Fully scalable to the production size equipment.

SLS Bulletin SLS Brochure
Features at a glance
CAPACITIES <125-2500+ kg/hr
MESH SIZE min 150 µm (100 mesh)
MESH SIZE max 6.4 mm (0.25")


High capacity - typically 500 kg/hr.

Standard deagglomeration spoiler arm.

SLS Hammer Mill


High impact hammer mill for achieving finer particle sizes.

Adaptable to specific material characteristics.

Handle samples as small as 5g without loss of yield or screen residue.

Fully scalable to the Fitzpatrick milling range.

SLS Bulletin SLS Brochure
Features at a glance
CAPACITIES 5 g to 50+ kg/hr
PSD d50 20-300  µm
PSD d90 60-2000  µm


2 blade styles - impact & cutting.


Metered feed control design scalable to production.


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In detail

Scalable Lab System™ (SLS)

Here is a sample of what we have designed and built.

As well as meeting the requirements of cGMP, we want to ensure that the machines we develop are well designed and safe for the user, so we follow a variety of specific industry directives.

All Quadro® products are designed and manufactured in a facility with an ISO 9001:2015 accredited Quality Management System. 

The scope of this Quality Management System applies to all processes and activities which are controlled, managed and performed by employees within the Quadro® company. 

The current Certificate of Registration, reference Certificate No: CERT-0123529, has been issued by SAI Global and is effective to September 3, 2021.


We offer a complete selection of ATEX-approved mills that meet the ATEX European Union directive for products used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Our equipment is designed to handle the toughest milling applications, which is why professionals around the world choose us.   With models specifically designed to meet ATEX Zone 0/20 (1GD) or 1/21 (2GD) requirements, we provide the most comprehensively safe mills in the industry.

                         accred-atex-web   accred-ce_white-web

All equipment destined for Europe is CE marked and comes with an EU Declaration of Conformity.  It is certified to comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC,  the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU.

Our equipment is designed to meet a variety of international safety standards, so whichever country you are in we can be compliant.

Discover why the Scalable Lab System (SLS) from Quadro is world-leading and has become the equipment of choice for many pharmaceutical companies around the world.




We offer solutions that provide reliable and repeatable results in:

Fine Grind

Achieve high in-target particle sizes with just one complete station.



Get faster, more efficient deagglomeration without damage to particles.


Security Screening

Avoid contamination by ensuring powder is free from foreign materials or impurities.



Achieve tight particle size distributions in a wide variety of applications.


Hammer Milling

Within our IDEX platform, The Fitzpatrick Company provide expertise in hammer milling.