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Careers with Quadro

Do you aspire to be part of a vibrant and pioneering organization that works in a wide spectrum of industries?

At Quadro, we're looking for those who thrive when navigating challenges and are motivated by the pursuit of innovative solutions. In 2007, Quadro was proud to join IDEX's Material Processing Technologies group (IDEX MPT), amongst five other business units dedicated to developing products that significantly enhance and impact everyday life.

Quadro has garnered customer respect in a wide variety of applications across over 80 countries. Our recognized leadership in specialized process equipment began with a groundbreaking concept in 1976 - the original Quadro® Comil®. A revolutionary idea at the time, the cone mill cemented its legacy as one of the industry’s most durable and most imitated advances in size reduction technology.

Quadro's Head Office and Test facility are located in Waterloo, Canada, with a global network of offices.

If you are interested in joining the team, please review vacancies and apply here - this link will take you to the corporate IDEX careers site. Should your talents and expertise align with our needs, we're eager to welcome your voice to the conversation.

Why Quadro?

Quadro Engineering stands at the forefront of particle size reduction technology. We champion a culture of collaborative effort; fostering an environment where open dialogue, mutual respect, and adaptability are encouraged. Our passionate workforce are empowered to stretch their limits and support one another, unlocking their potential to excel and be their best.

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Strong Teams, Exceptional Outcomes

Driven by solutions and united by a passion for customer satisfaction, our teams utilize critical thinking, creative problem-solving and collaboration to propel our global customers toward their objectives. We recognize and celebrate the unique contributions and perspectives each Quadro team member brings to the table, from logistics and engineering to applications and customer support, the variety of individual backgrounds enriches our collective efforts.


Trusted Solutions

For over 45 years, Quadro has been developing reliable, application-specific solutions for major processors in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Personal Care and Cosmetics industries around the world. Our knowledge of solids de-lumping, finishing, size reduction, security screening and wet milling is unmatched in the industry.

We follow the principle of ethical business practices, embedding integrity and responsibility into every layer of our operations. We understand that our customers rely on us not just for our expertise in particle size reduction but also for our principled approach to business. Each product is a testament to this commitment, designed and manufactured to meet the most rigorous standards of materials, finish, and performance. We take pride in our sanitary equipment design, which ensures that every machine we produce is not only efficient and reliable but also compliant with the highest hygiene standards. This meticulous attention to detail and quality guarantees that our solutions are not only effective but also safe and durable, providing our customers with exceptional value and peace of mind.


IDEX Values

Every day, we are guided by the IDEX values of trust, team and excellence. Our goal is to grow with those who embrace the importance of teamwork and create a culture of inclusion and diversity.

At IDEX, encouraging our employees to learn, develop and grow their careers is essential to the success of all the IDEX businesses. As a member of the IDEX community, every day is met with new challenges with an opportunity to solve new problems and find new opportunities to make an impact.

IDEX is an organization where exceptional people do remarkable things, together.


Employee Benefits

At IDEX MPT, we are a high-performing company that pays for performance. Our comprehensive benefits and pay package is highly competitive in our markets.

While specific benefits vary by global location and are based on regional needs, below are some of our Canadian benefit offerings. More details will be offered on the individual job listing.

  • Medical, dental, paramedical and vision benefits
  • RRSP Company Match
  • Tax Free Savings Account
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Parental Leave
  • Company-paid life insurance
  • Employee assistance program

Community and Charity

As members of IDEX MPT we strive to make a difference in our local community. With the support of our staff and the IDEX Foundation, over the last 8 years we have provided over $200,000 in donations to charities such as The Food Bank of Waterloo, Movember, Ride for Dad, Waterloo Wayside Centre, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada among others. Each year we also collect toys at Christmas for local charities.


Quadro is a part of IDEX’s Material Processing Technologies (MPT) division alongside world-leading brands:


  • Microfluidics - specialists in Microfluidizer® Processor High Shear Homogenisers
  • Quadro Liquids - expert manufacturers of High Shear Mixers
  • Steridose - Bioprocess Equipment for biotech and pharmaceutical industries


  • Matcon - experts in Powder Handling Systems using Cone Valve Technology
  • Fitzpatrick - experts in dry granulation using Roller Compaction & Milling Products.
  • Quadro - leading the way in Milling and Particle Sizing Equipment

Employee Resource Groups

IDEX is an acronym for our founding mission of Innovation, Diversity and Excellence. At IDEX MPT, we value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all.

We want to grow with those who embrace the importance of teamwork and continue to cultivate our culture of inclusion and diversity. All businesses within IDEX strive to establish an environment that creates a psychologically safe workplace, where all team members are empowered and encouraged to contribute with their authentic selves. Learn more about our Employee Resource Groups (ERG).

In-Balance aims to accelerate IDEX’s transition to a gender-balanced organization and help to cultivate a healthy environment in which women can thrive as their authentic selves. Over the years, we have promoted activities that reflected the need to advocate for all under-represented groups. With the advent of more ERGs in the business, it is now time for us to refocus into being an advocate for women. 

We celebrate everyone who decides to chase their dreams and strive for success in their role, regardless of circumstances. We believe individuals should be appointed into roles because of their professional experience, ability, and qualifications.

IDEX African-American (IAAm) Employee Resource Group’s mission is to strengthen African-American employees at IDEX through career management, professional development and mentorship that will enable retention and growth while proactively supporting IDEX’s business and DE&I objectives.

Vision Statement - Empowering our talent to be future leaders at IDEX through professional development, mentoring and growth while also working to strengthen the bonds between IDEX and its local African-American communities.

Pride@IDEX aims to educate leaders and participants to advance a culture that is accepting and embracing LGBTQ+ colleagues, enabling everyone to be their authentic selves at work. We are a resource to managers, HR professionals and employees about LGBTQ+ issues and related guidance.

We support personal and professional development of our LGBTQ+ colleagues, to help amplify their voice, help build a sense of belonging and a psychologically safe culture that is accepting and embracing of LGBTQ+ colleagues, enabling everyone to be their authentic best selves at work. 
Pride@IDEX also aims to support personal learning and development by offering formal and informal leadership opportunities and creating visibility for employees who are active in the ERG.

API aims to connect and share resources for Asian and Pacific Islander background employees; provide inspiration and awareness of API cultures with celebrated events; facilitate networking, career development and mentoring opportunities; share and raise awareness about API bias and issues; and contribute to the larger diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts and organizational goals at IDEX through promotion and advocacy of API employees.

A community network for employees who share an interest in celebrating Hispano-Latino heritage, which strengthens the skills necessary for success, enhances the professional development of its members, and furthers IDEX's DE&I goals by encouraging the retention of diverse employees.

SERRVE is dedicated to our Armed Forces Veterans, Reservists and Armed Forces families across the IDEX globe. Their aim is to build a global network within IDEX that can help overcome perceptions about recruitment and retention and help identify transferable skills, including instilled values. It will also act as a coaching and support network to help individuals manage expectations during the transition from service life to civilian life and the loss of their military identity.

A group to represent those with disabilities ranging from mental illness, physical impairments, learning disabilities and more.