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Milling Equipment for API Pharmaceuticals

Trusted milling, size reduction, and processing equipment to tightly control particle sizes within the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) process steps.


The complexities of making APIs

In new drug development, particle size is crucial in affecting the properties of bio-availability and stability. The more potent molecules in development need to achieve the narrowest of Particle Size Distribution (PSDs).

Operator safety is a priority due to the potency of Pharma API materials. Ease of cleaning and maintenance without risk can be a challenge without the right processing equipment.


API processing equipment

Our size reduction equipment offers safer processing with OEL levels that meet the strictest industry standards required for API Processing.

In our decades of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, we have enabled clients to achieve smaller particle sizes & tighter particle size distributions than are possible using standard conical mills, hammer mills, or pin mills. This reduces waste for a better bottom line.


40+ years in pharma milling

We have many decades of experience working with industry leaders in a variety of drug therapy areas.

Our equipment is particularly well-known for being able to successfully process Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (APIs). We work with our customers to fully understand each particular application.

When you invest in Quadro® Pharma Milling Equipment, you get more than just superior engineering and quality, you get access to our team of experts who will ensure you achieve your objectives.


Milling and sizing solutions for API

We offer industry-leading milling equipment for manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals and our attention to detail and knowledge has been built over decades.

Our pharmaceutical processing experts can help you solve your size-reduction challenges, whilst meeting the strictest quality control standards of the industry.

Our recognized leadership in specialized process equipment for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients means we have helped a wide variety of customers around the globe.


Choosing the right screen

An easy-to-use reference document that shows which mill or screen will achieve your desired particle size.

Quadro Particle Size Chart

Our range of pharma milling solutions

With our decades of experience, we have expertise in providing a range of powder processing and sizing solutions for manufacturing APIs. Our team can help you find the right milling and sizing equipment for your application.

When you invest in Quadro® Powder Milling Technology, you get more than just superior engineering and quality, you also get access to our team of experts around the world, who will ensure you achieve your production objectives.

Learn about our approach to Pharma Milling Equipment.



Achieve tight particle size distributions in a wide variety of applications.




Get faster, more efficient deagglomeration without damage to the particles.



Fine Grinding

Control the particle size reductions and achieve on-target results.



Security Screening

Avoid contamination & ensure powder is free of contaminants and impurities.



Pharmaceutical Resources

Recommended articles and downloads for manufacturers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.


SLS Scalable Lab System

The world's most advanced benchtop multi-purpose powder milling and screening platform.

SDx Milling & Screening Platform

Innovative milling, sifting and size reduction technology, offering multiple powder processing solutions on one platform.

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