The Quadro® Comil®

The Quadro Comil - the original conical screen mill has been the industry standard for almost half a century.

In 1976, Quadro developed and engineered the original cone or conical mill. It has since evolved into the preferred milling technology, respected and utilized by global leaders in over 80 countries, across a range of industries.

The Original Cone Mill

Now recognized for use in applications throughout the Pharmaceutical, Food, Cannabis, Chemical, Personal Care and Cosmetics industries worldwide, the Quadro Comil is coveted by process managers looking to achieve optimum process efficiency and product consistency.

The Comil (Cone Mill) has advanced since its initial design, but remains widely recognized as a leading milling technology, typically used for the following applications:
  • Sizing wet granulated particles before drying
  • Sizing dry granules before the tableting stage
  • Delumping dry detergent during production
  • Deagglomerating dried fruits
  • Reclaiming - broken tablets, broken biscuits that are ground back into their powder form prior to being restructured
Quadro Comil - the original conical screen mill

The Quadro Comil Heritage

Revolutionary technology that has stood the test of time

Since 1976, with the introduction of the first Comil - Model 196, Quadro Engineering has delivered industry-leading milling solutions. Our team of experts have since developed and released a further eight Comil models with this same core technology at the center of our current equipment, all industry-leading products:

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Milling Advice and Best Practice

Those who have worked with Quadro recognize that we don't just sell milling equipment.

When you invest in our technology, you also benefit from decades of experience to ensure you get the most from your equipment purchase. This guidance ensures that you not only improve upon machine reliability but also achieve effective particle size distribution, increasing yields, and product quality.

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Benefit from utilizing the best milling equipment with Quadro

Use our decades of experience to select the most appropriate milling equipment for your industry and application requirements.

Particle Size Reduction with Quadro Screens

The Quadro Engineering team work to ensure that customers profit from unmatched technical expertise thereby guaranteeing that the equipment selected proves to be the ideal bulk powder processing solution for their individual application requirements - whether that be particle size reduction, sieving, deagglomeration or reclaim.

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