Milling Equipment for Food Manufacturers

Quadro Engineering is the trusted provider of high-performance milling equipment for food manufacturers, delivering high-quality screening, delumping, powder milling and reclaim.


Find out how we help the Food Industry


Food manufacturing challenges

Food product manufacturing needs to be fast and flexible to remain competitive, with a desire for easy operation, effective cleaning, and minimal maintenance of equipment.

Focus on the bottom line financial payback on any equipment purchases, with the flexibility to use the same equipment on different lines without taking a long time to swap tooling and for setting up.


Solutions for Food Manufacturers

Our highly efficient sizing equipment for foods and spices offers high-capacity and precise milling, under low-heat, low-energy conditions, with reduced dust and fines and no damage to particle sizes.

Our applications have included reclaim of off-spec particles, production of crumbs in the cereal industry, deagglomerating granola bars and the size reduction of freeze-dried bacteria culture in yogurt production.


Food Industry Knowledge

The Quadro Engineering team has many decades of experience working with a wide variety of different food manufacturers to reach the desired particle size distribution.

Our industrial capacity milling and sizing equipment are particularly well-known for being able to successfully process spices and dried fruits.


Milling Solutions for Food

We offer industry-leading food-grade milling equipment for processing food ingredients such as spices and dried fruits and our attention to detail and knowledge have been built over decades.

Our food application experts can help manufacturers solve their size-reduction challenges, whilst meeting the strict quality control standards of the industry.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT for Milling Food Ingredients

Let us help you diagnose and solve your milling challenges.
Speak to a member of our team.

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Find a food-grade milling and sizing solution to meet your requirements.


Food Milling Machines for Manufacturers

We use our decades of experience to design and manufacture effective and efficient food milling technology.

Our expertise in a range of powder processing, milling, and sizing solutions and can help you find the equipment for your application, whether your need to reduce the particle size of your food or reduce ingredients for improved texture or taste.

Our approach to selecting milling equipment for food and beverages

Our recognized leadership in specialized process equipment means we have helped a wide variety of customers around the globe.

When you invest in Quadro® equipment, you get more than just superior engineering and quality, you get access to our team of application experts who will ensure that you achieve your objectives whatever the industry or application.

Achieve tight particle size distributions in a wide variety of applications.
Get faster, more efficient deagglomeration without damage to the particles.
Fine Grinding
Control the particle size reductions and achieve on-target results.
Security Screening
Avoid contamination by ensuring powder is free from foreign materials.
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