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Delumping/Deagglomeration & Security Screening Equipment

Deagglomeration and delumping involve returning sticky, heat-sensitive agglomerates back into pieces, crumbs or powders as they were when originally processed. Even raisins that are clumped together can be separated with this method.

Security screening involves capturing any foreign bodies or tramp material before it gets into the final pack and onwards to your consumers - thus avoiding any costly recalls.

These are the more costly and labor intensive tasks in any given process application, but critical to achieving a top quality product at the end of the production process. It is vital that in both steps the original particle structure remains undamaged and unchanged.


Benefits of our deagglomeration equipment

Quadro deagglomeration/screening equipment replaces labor-intensive, expensive manual separation processes. Capacity throughput can be increased and reductions in drying time will also produce savings.

The process is more dust-free, which consequently improves the environment for the operators working in the area.

Delumping & Screening in Practice

A wide range of industries need to improve their powders and ensure their security before they enter the production stream.

Companies use delumping and screening at the very beginning of the production process to condition the powders and remove lumps but also to 'clean' the powders and ensure there are no foreign objects in the sacks from suppliers.  Typically this is done straight after the bag dump stations, big bag station or fluid bed dryers. 

Protecting your brand

Later on in the process, just before packing, screening is done again to check for tramp materials before the processed product reaches the final consumer pack, thereby protecting your product integrity and brand reputation - giving you peace of mind.


Milling Technology

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Selecting the Right Equipment

Delumping and deagglomeration needs to be done sensitively

Quadro® equipment deagglomerates, delumps and separates without excessive heat buildup or screen blockage while preserving the quality of fragile products and not affecting the particle size.


Selecting the right one for you

Based on your application and material properties (particle size, moisture content, temperature sensitivity, hardness, and other physical and chemical properties), we can evaluate your needs and recommend the equipment and process that most efficiently and effectively achieves your requirements.