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Powder Milling & Sizing Equipment

Quadro Engineering has provided milling and sizing machines to the world's leading pharmaceutical, food, and chemical processing companies for over four decades.

Milling Equipment for Particle Size Reduction

We design and manufacture high-quality milling machines for wet and dry powder processing and
particle size reduction.

Wet and Dry Milling Equipment for Maximum Productivity

Quadro® Engineering has developed expertise in a wide range of powder processing applications. We work alongside our customers to find an effective solution that suits their specific application needs - from lab through to production.



Achieve tight particle size distributions in a wide variety of applications.

Milling Equipment


Fine Grinding

Precisely control the particle size reductions and achieve on-target results.

Fine Grinding Equipment


Screening & Delumping

Get faster, more efficient deagglomeration without damage to the particles.

Screening Equipment

Milling and Comminution

We work with industry-leading companies from around the world. They choose us because we can achieve unmatched particle size reduction and consistent particle size distribution (PSD). All with the highest returns on investment for effective manufacturing.

Since the introduction of our original, groundbreaking Comil® conical mill design, we have continued to innovate and deliver a range of effective, high-integrity solutions for wet and dry milling.

Fine Grinding

 Our premium fine grind milling equipment surpasses all others in the industry by delivering the highest proportion of fine particles targeted by any fine milling technology, boasting up to a 40% enhancement in performance over alternative milling methods. Unlike other technologies that lack the advanced two-stage size reduction, our Fine Grind technology can achieve remarkably consistent particle size distribution (PSD) curves that competitors simply cannot match.

Screening and Delumping

Quadro's cutting-edge deagglomeration and screening solutions transform labor-intensive, expensive manual separation processes into efficient, automated processes. Our technology not only improves capacity but also reduces drying times, unlocking notable cost savings. This also creates a dust-free environment, which provides a safe working area for operators.

The Quadro Engineering Approach

Our recognized leadership in specialized process equipment means we have helped a wide variety of customers around the globe.

When you invest in Quadro® equipment, you get more than just superior engineering and quality, you get access to our team of experts who will ensure you achieve your objectives.

Our Approach

Milling and Powder Processing Technology

Alongside our Comil® milling equipment, we also supply complimentary product lines that extend our scope.


Fine Grind

Achieve the highest in-target particles within a single complete station.

Fine Grind Milling



Faster, more efficient deagglomeration and separation without damage.

Delumping Equipment


Security Screening

Avoid contamination by ensuring powder is free from foreign materials or impurities.

Security Screening