Powder Milling Technology

Quadro has been specializing in powder milling and particle processing technology for over four decades, during which time we have gained extensive knowledge that we can share with our customers to help you improve your production capabilities.

Powder Milling and Processing Machinery

Quadro's wet and dry milling equipment can be used in a range of industries and applications. We are proud to be respected widely as a market-leading provider that can consistently deliver solutions and have the experience that other businesses in this space cannot offer.

Do you need milling equipment or processing advice?

Our team is always on hand to solve your powder processing problems and help you to select the right equipment for your application need. Contact the team today and we'll work with you to find the best solution.

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Increase efficiency in pharma milling

The advantages of using a greaseless gearbox for milling

How Quadro fits into the PSD Process

What are the benefits of a Cone Mill?


Achieve tight particle size distributions in dry and wet milling applications.



Deagglomeration is a critical step in conditioning powders for production.


The Comil®

The original conical screen mill designed and manufactured by Quadro since 1976.


Powder Processing Technology for a Range of Applications

Quadro Engineering specialise in the design and manufacture of powder processing machinery across a range of industries, including:

OSD Pharma

Effectively conditioning powders for the pre-compression processing stage.


API Pharma

Achieve optimal PSD and desired production volumes along with Operator safety.



High product quality relies on creating the ideal powder with on-target PSDs.



High capacity milling under low heat and low energy conditions, reducing dust & fines.



We have proven success in even the most abrasive and corrosive environments.



Reliable particle size reduction milling and processing to create high-quality products every time.