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Helping with Food4Kids

Published on Jun 26, 2019 10:22:25 AM


On Monday night, following a training course on Situational Leadership, 32 IDEX MPT leadership team members got involved in helping the local Food4Kids charity.

Healthy snacks were parcelled up into individual packets to go into the special food bags which will be delivered to food insecure children within the local area.

Over 2,500 children throughout the Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada experience severe food insecurity, in what most people would say is a fairly affluent community. These vulnerable children cannot access the nutritious food they require to be healthy, so the Food4Kids charity drops off food baskets to 510 children in their homes so that they have meals over the weekend during the school year and over holiday periods.

The event was organised by Sairoz Mohamed, Director of HR for MPT, who turned it into a fun team game, with the aim of accurately getting the right quantity into each bag, so that every child receives the same fair share.  The teams quickly got organised filling over 1400 bags in just an hour.  Everyone was inspired by the stories of the children and what the charity manages to achieve.  We donated $700 to cover the supplies we packed and a submission to the IDEX foundation for an additional $5,000 has been made.

Quadro Engineering will be creating Days of Caring to continue supporting the charity by packing boxes for families to ensure that they have enough food during the coming school summer holiday period.

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