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Reduce Material Rework and Save Time and Money

Every milling application is different, but achieving 100% product yield is a universal desire. Although 100% yield isn’t always realistic, there is substantial room for improvement in current processes to limit the amount of product that is classified as too fine, or too coarse.

Challenge your mill to achieve the desired particle size

Depending on the particle size range, material above and below spec is often reworked. This process is necessary to reduce waste, maintain consistent formulations and control content uniformity in critical applications. The obvious industry need is a system which can mill material within the correct size range on the first pass — not after the second, third, or fourth attempt.

The Quadro Solution - higher yields

Quadro Genuine parts will help you obtain higher yields and more uniform formulations. The concentric relationship between Quadro screens and impellers ensures all material is subject to consistent milling conditions.

In addition to the concentricity, other screen parameters including the hole size, hole pattern, hole shape, and screen thickness remain constant and are measured against tight tolerances. High-level precision in part manufacturing and proprietary part designs differentiate Quadro from other options on the market.

With Genuine Quadro parts, particles are processed quickly and efficiently with a single shearing step as they exit the screen, forming a consistent distribution within a tight target size range.

The Importance to the Market

If you would like to reduce material rework, Quadro Genuine parts are your answer. Quadro parts help maintain a narrow particle size range, improve production yields and reduce the amount of off-spec product in a single pass.

Operational time is conserved by eliminating reprocessing, which consequently supports an increase in production capacity. Benefits such as reduced equipment wear, lower utility usage and less maintenance time come hand-in-hand with more efficient and effective milling. There’s no question that Quadro Genuine parts are better suited for your application with their ability to improve productivity, and material quality, and eliminate the need for material rework.

Genuine parts from Quadro

By buying parts from Quadro you will benefit from:

  • Proprietary designs optimizing process performance
  • Increased capacity & longer lasting parts
  • Less operational down-time
  • Consistent quality & controlled geometric tolerances
  • Unmatched batch-to-batch process repeatability
  • More particle size range control meaning less waste & rework
  • Sustainable reduction in associated manufacturing & maintenance costs

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