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Control Milling Consistency by Maintaining Your Mill

Consistent particle size reduction is one of the toughest milling challenges. More often than not, material is subject to inconsistent amounts of energy, leading to unpredictable size reduction between batches.

The Challenge of Milling Materials Consistency

The longer material resides within a mill, the higher the amounts of shear, inter-particle interactions and attrition that can act on the particles.  This will affect the average particle sizes. A common method to compensate for this issue is control feeding a mill to maintain the material feed rate and avoid over-milling. However, controlled process feeders occupy valuable production space, increase the overall capital expense of the manufacturing process, slow production and introduce more variables for operators to monitor and control.

The Quadro Solution

Quadro offers milling solutions that do not require controlled process feeding equipment.

With the tight tolerances held between Quadro Genuine screens and impellers, shear energy becomes the primary contributor to particle size reduction, enabling flood-fed applications in place of more traditional controlled rate feeding.

Flood-fed applications with Quadro Genuine parts can process material within the desired particle size range in a single pass, improving the milling efficiency. In addition to the highly controlled shear milling energy, the proprietary design and geometries of the screen holes maximize the product throughput.

With Genuine Quadro parts, particles are processed quickly and efficiently with a single shearing step as they exit the screen, forming a consistent distribution within a tight target size range.

Screen Scaleup image showing efficient milling

The Importance to the Market

Quadro Genuine parts ensure that your processing application is repetitive, consistent, and predictable. Independent of the feed rate, Quadro can help you to achieve on-spec results every time – whether with the same machine day after day or across parallel manufacturing lines.

Experience immediate capital cost savings by bypassing the need for controlled feeding equipment, and continue to save with higher capacities, shorter process times, less energy costs, longer-lasting parts, and higher yields.

Genuine parts from Quadro

By buying parts from Quadro you will benefit from:

  • Proprietary designs optimizing process performance
  • Increased capacity & longer lasting parts
  • Less operational down-time
  • Consistent quality & controlled geometric tolerances
  • Unmatched batch-to-batch process repeatability
  • More particle size range control meaning less waste & rework
  • Sustainable reduction in associated manufacturing & maintenance costs

(Ref: CS Reduce Material Rework)


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