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Interchangeable Milling & Processing System featured at Virtual Expo

The SDx™ Series is an advanced powder processing platform with interchangeable heads, offerings flexibility at a low cost.

The SDx provides operators with the ability to alternate between powder processing and milling operations witin seconds, simply with a switch to a range of different heads - all on the same common drive. This efficient and safe process, mean users of the SDx work faster within the production space.

As the SDx is development and manufactured by Quadro and Fitzpatrick you can also rely on a high level of professionalism and experience from our engineering and support teams.

Maximize your milling capabilities:

- Change between three different powder processes

- Improve on-target PSDs by up to 50%

- Reduce bottlenecks, increase capacity

- Replace several machines with a single platform

Learn more about Production-scale milling with the SDx™ Series

In case you missed the presentation - see the video

Quadro and Fitzpatrick have thousands of equipment installations around the world, and have built a trusted reputation with customers over decades. Along with manufacturing the industry’s most established range of conical mills and hammer mills, we have designed and manufactured the most comprehensive selection of screens and impeller/rotors to cater for all powder processing requirements. Our team of experts assist customers in making the right selection to achieve the processing results they need.

The new SDx Series™ was recently featured at VirtualPharmaExpo2020, the first ever Live Virtual Trade Show for the Pharma Industry by our very own Wilf Sangüesa. Click below to watch the presentation... 


We are also looking forward to supporting the following upcoming webinars hosted by Techceuticals:

Friability, Chipping, & Flash- June 25, 2020

Weight & Content Uniformity- July 9, 2020


Further articles on Milling and Sizing best practice can be found via this link.

Contact us today to find out more on our next generation innovation in powder processing.

Learn more about the SDX milling technology
Posted by Matt Baumber


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