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Making the right choice with milling and particle size reduction

Having been trusted partners of the world’s top pharmaceutical, chemical and food ingredient processing manufacturers for over a century, we caught up with Jim Graham, Sales Manager for Milling in the Americas region to hear more about customer obsession being at the forefront of our corporate values.

What is your current role and responsibilities?

I oversee the Milling Sales in North and South America. It’s my responsibility to create the vision, strategy and metrics to increase our sales as well as supporting our existing customer base. Our team is built with experience, technical know how and an underlying passion to help.

Our Channel Partners (Manufacturers’ Representatives) are critical to our sales and aftersales support, interfacing directly with our customers. Many of them are engineers themselves, with decades of experience and they have the same passion we do to provide solutions to our customers.

We collaborate to ensure the right solution is found to meet our customer’s needs. We won’t always have the appropriate solution, and if that’s the case, we inform them quickly and suggest other avenues.

How do you deliver customer obsession?

When was the last time you were treated unfairly well? By this I don’t mean treated unfairly, I mean treated unfairly well. Do you remember receiving a service that was so good you felt you were undeserving of it? This leaves an impression with you and it is this impression that I want to leave with my customers, whether I sell them something or not. 

If a customer has taken the time to invest in our company and asked me to help them along the way with their solution, I want to ensure they realize they’ve made the right choice. I want the transaction to be effortless, exceeding what was expected.

Customer obsession is a key part of IDEX’s core values, and we take that very seriously.

Why does Milling Matter to your clients? How does it impact on their production?

If you’ve ever used a butter knife to unscrew a Philips head screw, you can say “it works”. Sure it works, kind of, but a Philips screwdriver is a better tool for the job. Milling matters because you need to have the right tool for the job. I see this a lot, customers using a mill because it’s available, but then getting product quality or production issues further down the line.

Quadro and Fitzpatrick offers multiple milling technologies, from the Conical mill to the Hammermill. Each of these mills can be honed for what’s important for that product. Is it particle size, increased capacities, deagglomeration, less dust or increased operator safety? We will ensure you get the right solution.

One reason I love my job is the variety of projects. That diversity requires a wide portfolio of products to support the varied applications and Quadro and Fitzpatrick have just that. Our latest powder processing innovation, the SDx Series™, allows a user to pick the right tool for the job; a conical mill, a hammermill or a security screener. Leave the butter knife in the silverware drawer!  

To find out more about our new SDx Series™, contact us to connect with your local sales engineer today or download our brochure.

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Posted by Matt Baumber


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