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Milling Heat Sensitive Bulk Powder Materials

Published on Nov 5, 2019 5:12:12 PM

Best practice for milling heat sensitive materials

Are over-heated materials a pain point in your manufacturing process? Staying within strict temperature parameters, especially for heat-sensitive materials, is no small feat.

The Challenge - How to reduce heat generation during milling

Particle size control is the main objective for milling applications, but there is a delicate balance between milling size reduction and heat generation. Even the slightest increase in temperature can lead to product degradation, reduced ingredient effectiveness, and in extreme cases melting or burning of ingredients.

These outcomes are all considered unfavorable and may lead to reduced yield, interruptions in production flow, and increased maintenance costs.  Not to mention production cost increases and reductions in efficiencies.

How to manage temperature during milling - the Quadro Solution 

Every Quadro screen is manufactured to maintain a perfect conical shape, with each cross-sectional slice holding tight circularity. The surface parallelism between screens and impellers is a highly critical parameter in maintaining the performance of your particle size reduction mills and equipment. Quadro screens and impellers offer a level of precision that allows them to be situated closer together than any other replica on the market.

Without warps or abnormalities, the shear gap remains constant at every point. As the product flows through the mill, our tightly controlled shear gap aids in higher levels of throughput capacity. Material is discharged quickly and efficiently through Quadro’s unique screen patterns, reducing residence time that leads to excessive particle interactions and unnecessary heat.

With Genuine Quadro parts, particles are processed quickly and efficiently with a single shearing step as they exit the screen, forming a consistent distribution within a tight target size range.

The U20 screen for efficient heat sensitive milling


The Importance to the Market

Quadro genuine screens and impellers are the solution to undesirably high process temperatures in sensitive material applications. At Quadro we understand the value of your ingredients and formulations, and have over 40 years of innovation behind our parts engineering. Our unique manufacturing process produces parts of the highest quality, and your operations will run longer with unmatched batch-to-batch consistency.

With Quadro genuine parts, you will experience increased operational uptime and a substantial return on investment in associated maintenance costs.

Genuine parts for your milling and sizing equipment

By buying parts from Quadro you will benefit from:

  • Proprietary designs optimizing process performance
  • Increased capacity & longer lasting parts
  • Less operational down-time
  • Consistent quality & controlled geometric tolerances
  • Unmatched batch-to-batch process repeatability
  • More particle size range control meaning less waste & rework
  • Sustainable reduction in associated manufacturing & maintenance costs

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