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Milling - a critical component in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Published on Apr 15, 2020 10:30:00 AM

Milling overview by Quadro expert Xavier Leroy

Trusted partners of the world’s top pharmaceutical, chemical and food ingredient processing manufacturers for a combined total of more than 120 years, we caught up with Xavier Leroy, Director of Sales, Milling & Key Accounts, EMEA for MPT Pharma Processing to ask: “Why Does Milling Matter?”

Xavier says that Milling is a critical component of pharmaceutical manufacturing and Food applications. Basically, it has 4 functions:

1. To avoid impurities mixing into the final products. It is common practice for bulk materials that are used to manufacture drugs to be delivered in bags and these can contain impurities. The Quadro® FlexSift is gravity fed with this material and retains any impurities in a basket. This technology offers a large throughput and is easy to clean, allowing customers to be more productive than with traditional competitor's solutions.

2. Make powders homogeneous during granulation to ensure improved physical properties. This is a critical component of the tablet suites process in particular: by using a wet mill after the high shear granulator to reduce lumps in the powder and a dry mill to reduce particle sizes after the fluid bed dryer, customer’s product moves more swiftly to the next stage of the process.

3. Size reduce particles in powders to enhance their bioavailability and/or ability to be tableted. Our mills can meet a variety of targeted particle sizes repeatedly and are easily scalable. Our product range includes a new design of mill which generates less heat in the product, increases throughput and delivers a finer particle size distribution compared to any competitive offering, all leading to better results for our customers.

4. Reclaim food. Thanks to our milling solutions, customers can now recycle food ingredients that didn't make the grade into a new batch instead of having to sell them at a lower price or wasting them; this is a significant benefit to their production ROI.

We asked Xavier how he delivers customer obsession? "It is important to me that I focus on the one thing that matters most - customer engagement. I strive to be proactive with my communications and initiatives and provide timely follow up and support to our channel partners and customers with their commercial and technical milling enquiries for the Fitzpatrick and Quadro brands".

Find out more about Quadro and Fitzpatrick's next generation innovation in powder processing, the SDx Series™ with SMARTdetect™ technology.

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