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Pilot-scale and Mid-size Milling with the SDx™ Series

The mid-size SDx™ Series is one of the world’s most advanced pilot-scale milling and screening platforms affording two distinct powder processing solutions on a single, common drive. They include Quadro’s Comil® and FlexSift security screening technologies.

Key benefits of the SDx™ Series – Smart Drive Exchangeable Platform include:

  • Increased Production Efficiency
  • Repeatable Results (Batch and/or Continuous)
  • Scaled Particle Size Distributions (PSDs) from Lab
  • Optimized PSD Controllability
  • Reduced Capital Investment & Cost of Ownership
  • World-class cGMP Design
  • Enhanced Operator & Product Safety
  • Ability To Program/Control Recipes
  • Ability To Protect Heat-Sensitive Products During Milling

Improve production efficiencies and reduce bottlenecks with SMART-detect

The new platform provides operators with the ability to interchange heads quickly and easily in order to fulfill specific processing requirements, improve production efficiencies and reduce bottlenecks. This gives manufacturers unparalleled milling flexibility, improved powder processing efficiency and peace of mind that the target particle size distribution will be achieved, with the added benefit of reduced capital investment and cost of ownership by up to 75%.

Like the SLS-Scalable Lab System (introduced in 2016) and the production-scale SDx platforms (offered beginning in 2019), the mid-sized SDx Series utilizes SMART-detect™, a unique equipment feature that automatically recognizes the head being installed and adjusts RPM to the appropriate level for optimum material processing, thereby reducing the potential for Operator error.

Formulators, Scientists, Researchers & Developers, and Technical Transfer Specialists can opt for a single platform and select the most appropriate powder processing technology to suit their respective applications, thereby affording total flexibility, minimizing capital investment, and reducing overall space requirements.

Quadro Scalable Lab System SLS

Improving milling productivity & efficiency

The mid-sized SDx Series was conceived by our expert team of engineers who have designed and manufactured efficient milling and sizing solutions for use across a broad range of industries, including OSD, APIs, Food, Chemical, and Nutraceutical. Our latest offering delivers the industry’s most progressive mid-sized milling and screening platform.

Key features include:

  • Largest selection of screens/impellers from decades of application know-how and proven installations
  • Widest RPM range capability of any comparable conical mill (tip speed from 7 to 28 m/s)
  • Screens, impellers, RPMs and tolerances are fully scalable from lab to production
  • cGMP, vibration-free, dust-tight designs (OEL<1µg/m3)


  • Enables customers to have virtually unlimited options with which to improve and/or adjust PSDs with simple tooling changes
  • Improves ability to adjust PSDs and/or improve capacities without changing models
  • Ensures scalable and repeatable results from lab-scale, through to pilot/mid-size capacity mills
  • Eliminates product losses from airborne product

Wilf Sanguesa, Product Manager, Pharma Processing at The Fitzpatrick Company/Quadro Engineering Corp.

“Fitzpatrick and Quadro continue to pioneer the flexibility of interchangeable milling heads in their respective fields. In 2002, Fitzpatrick’s L1A lab model afforded users the flexibility to interchange FitzMill™ and conical mill heads. In 2009, Quadro introduced the ComilSift, the first production-scale, single platform, dual-head interchangeable system for milling and/or security screening. With the SLS – Scalable Lab System™ and the production-scale SDx, our heritage of delivering scalable and predictable material processing/milling results continues. With the advent of the new mid-size SDx platform, our standout Series is complete”.

The Fitzpatrick Company and Quadro Engineering Corp., Business Units of IDEX MPT, Inc. have been trusted partners of the majority of the world’s top pharmaceutical, chemical, and food ingredient processing customers and together, are celebrating more than 120 years of powder processing innovation excellence. 

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Posted by Matt Baumber


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