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Superior equipment for producing and milling CBD isolate

From capsules, tablets and gummies, to CBD-infused topical creams, there are hundreds of possible ways to incorporate this incredible compound.

Of course, CBD’s popularity has led to a surge in demand for CBD isolate – the active ingredient for these products– with manufacturers scrambling to keep up with production.

Although they know what they need to achieve – an extremely fine, white powder – manufacturers struggle to produce this reliably and at scale.

The CBD isolate manufacturing process

Manufacturing high-quality CBD isolate is done by harvesting crystals from a distillate mix, before milling the crystals into a fine powder, which is then dried.

Delicate and easily damaged by heat, the CBD isolate crystals need gentle treatment during processing to avoid compromising product quality.

Common challenges for manufacturers include:

  • Agglomeration (lumping) of particles, which must be undone before the drying stage to allow the powder to dry evenly and avoid product loss
  • Creating powders with uniform particle sizes to improve bioavailability, and more compatibility with downstream processes, such as tablet manufacture
  • Low processing temperature to avoid damage to, or loss of, product. CBD isolate crystals are especially vulnerable to heat damage when processed at high capacity
  • Contamination from equipment or other foreign bodies

These obstacles can be overcome by implementing a conical milling stage before drying. Quadro’s SDx milling platform is ideal for this.

Milling CBD isolate with Quadro

Adopting our SDx™ Series machine and Comil® U20x head to process CBD isolate alleviates these common problems.

Used by global leaders in the food and pharma sectors for decades, our milling technology yields excellent size reduction and uniform particle sizing. Hence, over the last several years, we have become the equipment of choice for some of the world’s leading cannabis processors, due to shorter drying times and the fact that the powders are conditioning correctly for the downstream processing steps so that these are more effective and efficient.

With low energy, low RPM, and low operating heat, the SDx™ series ensures a controlled, product-friendly deagglomeration, protecting the CBD isolate crystals while maintaining a consistent powder, resulting in higher throughput.

Finally, our pharma-grade equipment is fully cGMP-compliant and designed for safe, hygienic processing, providing peace of mind that your production process will be free from contamination while meeting necessary regulations.

Introducing our equipment will bolster your entire production process, putting you in a prime position to cope with an increase in the market.

Experts in powder milling and more

We bring our decades of expertise in food and pharma processing to this market sector. With significant experience in handling heat-sensitive powders and materials, we will help you overcome your processing challenges.

Quadro benefits from a wealth of shared expertise and equipment across the division. From creating nano-emulsions to milling whole plants, MPT associates have solid, in-depth experience in a range of applications relevant to cannabis production.

So whether you’re in hemp plant processing, or are looking to create shelf-stable CBD-infused beverages, our teams will provide you with tailored support for your application.

Read more about how we can help you improve your CBD isolate processing by downloading our application note today.

Please note - Quadro Engineering information and literature is intended only for the use of its equipment in jurisdictions where such activities are legal.

See how a Quadro Comil serves as the ideal  Milling Equipment for the Cannabis Industry  Download the Application Note
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