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How to Future-proof Your Cannabis Milling Process

The industry is expected to grow by around $27bn in the next four years. With such opportunities for industrial cannabis milling, you can’t afford for your equipment to let you down.

The Cannabis Milling Process

Can your existing process cope with this projected surge in demand? It’s important to stay ahead of the game in this rapidly evolving industry by implementing a solid cannabis milling solution early, providing a process you can depend on for years to come.

Fragmented and unplanned adjustments to your equipment can be costly, leaving you vulnerable to product loss, poor quality products, and ancillary equipment that needs complex management, maintenance, and repairs.

High-capacity cannabis and hemp milling equipment

Quadro’s Comil® Conical Milling equipment provides the ideal, affordable option for robust and reliable milling machinery.

With Quadro's Milling and Powder Processing Technology, achieving your target particle size distribution is simple. With a range of changeable screens, impellers and RPM settings, our equipment guarantees uniform particle sizes for batches of any size, whether it’s a short run of a few grams or thousands of kilograms per shift.

Our superior equipment boasts greater efficiency, achieving desired product consistency more quickly than rival mills, resulting in shorter production runs and helping you turn the product around more quickly.

Having worked with leaders in pharma and food processing globally since the 1970s, we are well placed to offer clean, safe, cGMP-compliant machines
Our mills help customers to maximize the return on materials being processed. As our equipment emits low levels of heat and energy, cannabinoids are not damaged in processing, leading to lower product losses during milling. Comil’s design also allows for cooling agents to be added.

Even when implemented at mass production quantities, our equipment produces best-in-class particle reduction every time. Our products’ key feature – the trademark uniform size reduction – allows for better integration with downstream processing, making our equipment the first choice for many of the world’s leading processors.

In short, buying a Comil® means buying process predictability, and future-proofing your cannabis milling equipment.

Finding your cannabis milling solution

We are part of a team of businesses, comprising several business units, each with decades of experience in processing delicate materials including herbs, coffee, and powders. From whole plant milling to preparing CBD isolate, to creating shelf-stable nano-emulsions for CBD-infused beverages, MPT provides quality, scalable equipment for each stage of preparation.

Our commitment to excellence means we collaborate with you to ensure you have the correct cannabis milling equipment that can achieve the product properties you desire. We combine our group’s wealth of knowledge and rigorous QA practices to help you develop a working milling system that will withstand the anticipated boom in the market, and beyond.

Contact us today to discuss how we can enhance your processing system in preparation for the next few exciting years.

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